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Product list


SH700 series Tractor

SH700 series tractor technical data:

NO. item Parameter
1 Model SH700/SH750
2 Type 4*2 wheel type
3 Frame weight(kg) 2730
4 Engine type Four cylinder,inline,water-cooled,four stock,direct injection,combustion chamber.
5 Overall dimension(mm) 4052*1900*2650
6 Wheel track-front(mm) 1350
7 Wheel track-rear(mm) 1525
8 wheel base(mm) 2230
9 Min ground clearance(mm) 440
10 Clutch Dry,single piece, double function
11 Steering gear Integral type of cycloidrotating valve hydrostatic steering
12 Gear box (4+1)*2 combined type
13 Power output axle half independet.

SH700 series tractor:

1. Car-style side-operation, operation is more comfortable, light weight.
2. New and modern design, completely consider the whole machine capacity match, and the driven comfortable, the capacity of the whole machine if super, frame is advance, operation is comfortable.
3. Suspended brake pedal and clutch pedal, flat floor, spacious cabin, simple.
4. A new streamline design, elegant appearance, smooth stretch curve, fully enclosed cab, optional cooling, warming system, and optional air condition, stereo, cell phone chargers. Cigarette lighter, etc, luxurious comfort, panoramic glass windows and doors, so that a more open view.
5. Adopt the famous engine from domestic and foreign (Perkins optional), powerful, low fuel consumption, high economic efficiency.
6. Adopt advanced hydraulic dry plate type brake system. The brake is more reliable and portable.
7. Adopt the LUK double function clutch imported from German. Independently Operation, performance, reliability, operating is more flexible.
8. Full hydraulic steering system enables more flexible control performance, reliable, small turning radius, and good mobility.
9. Used electric cars common combination of switches, easy to operate.
10. 760 semi-detached power output shafts a wide range of supporting equipment, the completion of plough, harrowing, sowing, harvesting, and other agricultural operations.
11. Optional 1000 r/min power output shaft, a wide range of ancillary equipment, to complete the plough, harrowing, sowing, harvesting, and other agricultural operations.
12. More shifts integrated design of the transmission gear to meet the speed requirement of a variety of agricultural operations, to meet the needs of a variety technology, easy operation and flexible, safe and comfortable driving. 8 forward gears, two back gear, speed configuration is more reasonable, agricultural operations and transport, high efficiency, adaptability.
13. Transmission adopts meshing sets of gear type; add the shift interlock so that the manipulation is more smooth, lightweight and reliable.
14. Planetary reduction final drive high strength and reliability.
15. Independent of hydraulic oil supply system, using reliable.
16. Optional hydraulic multi-way valve, used to manipulate folding harrow, tuning plows.
17. Optional safe frame and awning.

SH series tractor

Chinese tractor brand: YTO tractor, SH tractor. and our SH tractor have many advantage: SH tractor price is low and quanlity is good.

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