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Product list


SH400-4 series Tractor

SH400-4 series tractor technical data:

NO. item Parameter
1 Model SH354/SH404/SH454
2 Type 4*4 wheel type
3 Frame weight(kg) 1750/1890/1890
4 Engine type Four stock,water-cooled,inline,direct injection combustion Chamber
5 Overall Length(mm) 3700
6 Overall width(mm) 1585/1620/1620
7 Overall height(mm) 2105/2130/2130
8 Wheel track-front(mm) 1250/1285/1285
9 Wheel track-rear(mm) 1200-1500(general:1300)
10 wheel base(mm) 1924
11 Min ground clearance(mm) 265/325/325
12 Clutch Dry,single-or double function
13 Steering gear Recirculating ball rack fan gear type,or cycloidrotating valve hydrostatic steering.
14 Gear box 2 axle 4*(2+1)shift combined type,meshing set shift.
15 Power output axle NOt independent type or half independet.

SH400-4 series tractor:

1. This machine has excellent capability, comfortable operation.
2. A new streamlined design, beautiful, bright lights, luxurious.
3. Three-cylinder engine, advanced performance, easy starts, low fuel consumption, high economic efficiency.
4. Using combination of instruments, work status at a glance, use electric cars common combination of switches, reliable, easy to operate.
5. Transmission adopts the meshing sets of gear type. The speed is reasonable, manipulating light, reliable.
6. Planetary reduce final drive, high strength and reliability.
7. Wet disc brakes, safe and reliable b raking performance.
8. Elevator has strong lifting force, to meets different customer’s requirements.
9. Hood with gas spring, easy to open and maintenance.
10. Optional single-, double-acting clutch, mechanical, hydraulic steering system, to meet different customers needs.
11. Optional 540/1000, 540/760 switch to two-speed outputs shaft, a wide range of ancillary equipment.
12. Optional safety frame, simple cab, dry air filters and others devices.
13. Optional imported engine.

SH series tractor

Chinese tractor brand: YTO tractor, SH tractor. and our SH tractor have many advantage: SH tractor price is low and quanlity is good.

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