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Product list


SH200 series Tractor

SH200 series tractor technical data:

NO. item Parameter
1 Model SH180/SH200/SH220/SH240
2 Type 4*2 wheel type
3 Frame weight(kg) 888/980/990/990
4 Engine type Single cylinder, horizontal, four strokes,direct injection.
5 Overall Length(mm) 2900/2900/2900/2900
6 Overall width(mm) 1310/1410/1410/1520
7 Overall height(mm) 1290/1760/1760/1760
8 Wheel track-front(mm) 1040/1140/1276/1240
9 Wheel track-rear(mm) 1100/1200/1300/1300
10 wheel base(mm) 1400/1400/1400/1400
11 Min ground clearance(mm) 295/350
12 Clutch Dry,double piece regular combine
13 Steering gear Spherical,worm,roller type.
14 Gear box Column, spur gear, integral type.
15 Power output axle NOt independent type.

SH200 series tractor:

1. The high front axle can be optioned; the through ability is good on the field. So, it suit for the high agronomic land.
2. The rear power output can be optioned; it is convenient to add many kinds farm equipment.
3. The enhanced channel steel frame.
4. With large lifting power of the elevator, enhanced suspension frame, improve the bearing capacity.
5. Special radiator, bring better cooling effect.
6. Damping spring seat, high-quality steering, steering flexible, the driver is comfort.
7. using enhance speed reducer, stronger rear axle, more load capacity
8. High- quality electric start engine, strong power, lower fuel consumption.
9. Whole machine has streamline design, layout reasonable, nice shape.
10. Optional safety frame, simple shelters, to meet different customers’ requirement.

SH series tractor

Chinese tractor brand: YTO tractor, SH tractor. and our SH tractor have many advantage: SH tractor price is low and quanlity is good.

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