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T140-1 Bulldozer


T140-1 Bulldozer:

It has characteristic of semi-rigid suspension, mechanical drive. The main clutch is hydraulic boosted. With hydraulic pilot controlled, electric monitoring, good appearance, it is widely used in road building, hydro-electric construction, field modification, port and mine development and other construction.

T140-1 Bulldozer Specifications:

NO. item Parameter
1 Dozer Tilt
2 Operation weight
not include repper
3 Ground pressure 65kPa
4 Track gauge 1880mm
5 Gradient 30/25
6 Min. ground clearance 400mm
7 Dozing capacity 4.5m3
8 Blade width 3297mm
9 Max Digging depth 320mm
10 Overall dimensions 5486*3267*2842mm

T140-1 Bulldozer engine:

NO. item Parameter
1 Type Weichai WD10G156E15
2 Rated revolution 1850rpm
3 Flywheel power 104/140kw/hp
4 Max. torque 830/1100N.M/RPM
5 Rated fuel consumption less 218g/kw.h

T140-1 Bulldozer undercarriage system:

NO. item Parameter
1 Type Swing type of sprayed beam
Suspended structure of equalizer bar
2 Number of track rollers (each side) 6
3 Number of carrier rollers (each side) 2
4 Pitch 203mm
5 Width of shoe 500mm

T140-1 Bulldozer undercarriage system:

NO. item Parameter
1 Forward 0-2.52 km/h (1st)
0-3.55 km/h (2st)
0-5.68 km/h (3st)
0-7.53 km/h (4st)
0-10.61 km/h (5st)
2 Backward 0-3.53 km/h (1st)
0-4.96 km/h (2st)
0-7.94 km/h (3st)
0-10.53 km/h (4st)

T140-1 Bulldozer implement hydraulic system:

NO. item Parameter
1 Max systme pressure 12mpa
2 Pump type Two groups gears pump
3 System output 180L/min

T140-1 Bulldozer Driving system:

NO. item Parameter
1 Main clutch Nomally opened wet type, hydraulic booster control
2 Transmission Normally meshed helical gear drive, coupling sleeve shift and two lever operation, the transmission has five forward and four backward speeds.
3 Steering clutch Multiple-disc oil power metallurgy disc compressed by spring, hydraulic operated
4 Braking clutch Brake is oil two direction floating band brake operated by mechanical foot pedal
5 Final drive The final drive are double reduction with spur gear and segment sprocket,which are sealed by duo-cone seal.


China bulldozer Brands: SHANTUI bulldozer, XUANGONG bulldozer, HBXG bulldozer, and so on. chinese bulldozer has many advantage, chinese bulldozer price is lower and quality is high.

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