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Product list


Changlin Backhoe loader WZ30-25

WZ30-25 Backhoe loader specifications:

Overall dimension:
NO. item Parameter
1 Lenght9with bucket on ground 7077mm
2 Width 2350mm
3 Load bucket width 2313mm
4 Height(to cab top) 2720mm
5 Height(to digging pole top) 3424mm
6 Wheel base 2155mm
7 Back wheel tread 1557mm
8 Fore wheel tread 1714mm
9 Min ground clearance 355mm(2WD)/275mm(4WD)
Main loading technical specification:
NO. item Parameter
1 Rated load 1700kg
2 Operating weight 7000kg
3 Max lifting capability more 2500kg
4 Rated load bucket capacity 1 stere
5 Max load breakout force more 40kN
6 Max dump clearance 2611mm
7 Dump reach 726mm
8 Dump angle at any position ≥43.50
9 Min turning radius of bucket side 5280mm(2WD)/5670MM(4WD)
10 Min turning radius of front wheel center 3795mm(2WD)/4300MM(4WD)
11 Lifting time of loading bucket ≤5.1(sec.)
12 Lowering time of loading bucket ≤4.9(sec.)
13 Dumping time ≤0.9(sec.)
14 Traveling speed F:0-40.2/R:0-48.6
Main digging technical specification:
NO. item Parameter
1 Rated digging bucket capacity 0.3 stere
2 Max digging depth 4338mm
3 Max digging force >50+10%kN
4 Max digging radius 5481mm
5 Max digging height 3737mm
Diesel engine:
NO. item Parameter
1 Model Cummins 4BT4.5-C99
2 Type Direct injection, turbocharged water colloing
3 Rated output >74kw
4 Total exhaust of cylinder 4.5L
5 Inter-bore of cylinder/stroke 102/138mm
6 Voltage of starting motor 12V
7 Rated speed 2200r/min
8 Max. torque 414N.M
9 Starting type Electric
10 Min specific fuel consumption 225g/kw.h
Transmission system-torque converter:
NO. item Parameter
2 Cooling Type Pressure oil circulating
Transmission system-transmission case:
NO. item Parameter
2 Gear shift position 4 forward and 4 reverse gears
Axle and tire:
NO. item Parameter
2 Type of main reducer spiral bevel gear,single stage
3 Type of final reducer single stage planetary
4 Max steering angle 550
5 Tire type 4WE fore tire 12-16.5NHS-10PR
2WD fore tire 11L-16F3-12PR
Rear tire 19.5L-24R4-12RP
Working device hydraulic system:
NO. item Parameter
1 Model of oil pump P257A467PRZA12-6
2 System pressure 215kgf/cm2
3 Model of priority valve Walvoil SD16/2.SD16/6
Steering system:
NO. item Parameter
1 Model of steering pump P257A467PRZA12-6
2 Model of steering gear 150-1219
3 System pressure 140(kgf/cm2)
Oil Capacity:
NO. item Parameter
1 Fuel(diesel) 151L
2 Engine lubricating oil 11L
3 Oil for converter and gear box 18.5L
4 Oil for hydraulic system 110L
5 Oil for driving axles(F/R) 7.6+17L

Backoe loader:

Backhoe loader Introduction:

Backhoe loader, also called a loader backhoe, and commonly shortened to backhoe, is an engineering vehicle, which consists of a tractor, fitted with a shovel/bucket on the front and a small backhoe on the back. Due to its (relatively) small size and versatility, backhoe loaders are very common in urban engineering and small construction projects (such as building a small house, fixing city roads etc).
By equipping a farm tractor with both a backhoe and a front-mounted loading bucket. Although based on a tractor, when both the loader and the backhoe are permanently attached the vehicle is almost never called a tractor, is not generally used for towing and usually does not have a PTO. When the backhoe is permanently attached, the machine usually has a seat that can swivel to the rear to face the hoe controls. Removable backhoe attachments almost always have a separate seat on the attachment itself.
Backhoe loaders are very common and can be used for a wide variety of tasks: construction, small demolitions, light transportation of building materials, powering building equipment, digging holes/excavating, landscaping, breaking asphalt, and paving roads. The backhoe bucket can also be replaced with powered attachments such as a breaker, grapple, auger, or a stump grinder. Enhanced articulation of attachments can be achieved with intermediate attachments such as the tilt rotator. Many backhoes feature quick-attach mounting systems and auxiliary hydraulic circuits for simplified attachment mounting, dramatically increasing the machine s utilization on the job site. Some loader buckets have a retractable bottom or "clamshell", enabling it to empty its load more quickly and efficiently. Retractable-bottom loader buckets are also often used for grading and scraping. The front assembly may be a removable attachment or permanently mounted. Often the bucket can be replaced with other devices or tools. The backhoe loader must be equipped with a tool coupler in order to mount different attachments to the loader. A tool coupler consists of two hydraulic cylinders on the end of the loader arm assembly, which can expand and retract allowing different tools to be attached to the unit. Advanced couplers like the tiltrotator allow for greater articulation of attachments and makes the backhoe an effective tool carrier.
Because the design is intrinsically top-heavy and the swinging weight of the backhoe could cause the vehicle to tip, most backhoe loaders use hydraulic outriggers when digging and lower the loader bucket for additional stability. This means that the bucket must be raised and the outriggers retracted when the vehicle needs to change positions, reducing efficiency. For this reason many companies offer miniature tracked excavators, which sacrifice the loader function for increased digging efficiency.
Their relatively small frame and precise control make backhoe-loaders very useful and common in urban engineering projects such as construction and repairs in areas too small for larger equipment. Their versatility and compact size makes them one of the most popular urban construction vehicles. For larger projects, a tracked excavator is generally used.
Our backhoe loader model is WZ25-20, WZ30-25, WZ30-25 strengthened type, XT870, XT876.
WZ30-25 Main feature: Adopt the Yuchai engine which is powerful and with low maintenance. It has the high power and good performance ability.
The transmission part adopts the mature component of ZL30 series loader. It has high safety factor.
The leading articulated frame, with the front and axle bridge rationally distributed, makes it has exceptional stability when loading and excavating.
Pneumatic valve control system makes car-stopping brake with urgent brake. So it is safer when braking.
The operation devices are designed according to humanization.
Firstly adopts the pivot control system in the backhoe loader.
The whole day-lighting closed driver′s cabin is furnished with the system of the air conditioner, ROPS system. It is safe and comfortable, and the visual field is broad. It adopts the sound insulation, the heat insulation and shock attenuation, which improved the comfortableness of the operating environment.
Various instruments such as four in one bucket, crash hammer can be chosen

China backhoe Loader Brands: SDLG backhoe loader,Changlin backhoe loader,SEM backhoe Loader, Liugong backhoe loader, XCMG backhoe loader, XGMA backhoe loaders, Longong backhoe loaders, Shantui backhoe loaders. Spare Parts available as well.

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